Nursing Present

Nursing Present


These are the vital items to make nursing easier and more comfortable. Providing healing and care for your body we have included helpful products like soothing gel pads, nipple cream along with tea bags and oatmeal as they have been proven to help with milk production. 

*If there are allergic or dietary reasons we will substitute oatmeal for additional tea bags.

**We have included attire with both comfort and style, please choose size and color preference for these items.

  • 10 - Milk Storage Bags

  • 4 - Nursing Pads

  • 3 - Mother's Milk Tea Bags

  • 3 - Oatmeal Packets

  • 1 - Pack, Pumping Cleansing Wipes

  • 1 - Soothing Cream

  • 1 - Pair, Soothing Gel Pads

  • 1 - Nursing Bra (Options include Size and Color)

  • 1 - Nursing Tank Top (Options include Size and Color)

  • 1 - Nursing Cover

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